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✍ Residency Marseille / Lagos 

Versant Sud and the French Institute in Nigeria have offered for the second year a cross-residency grant for creatives from Lagos and Marseille. This event will be an opportunity for the two winners, Paul Yakubu and Léa Bigot, to present the results of their shared residencies.

In Lagos, Léa Bigot (French winner) created an installation made up of several bench modules, sculpted in clay and with natural fibers woven directly into the clay.

In Marseille, Paul Yakubu (Nigerian winner) designs the prototype of a mobile grocery store kit. The device is inspired by the architecture of parasols used in Lagos, Nigeria, to design a stall/boutique that would integrate into its environment.

With the support of: French Institute in Nigeria, French Embassy in Nigeria, Alliance Française de Lagos, Versant Sud, la Citadelle de Marseille, AWCA, 16by16

Return on Thursday December 14

6 p.m.-9 p.m.

​The Citadel of Marseille, Esplanade du Quinzième Corps, 13007, Marseille

💡Drawing contest
My super drawing !
13984017618_4b0c6448f8_o (1).jpg

With the patronage of the Géant des Beaux-Arts, Versand Sud is launching a drawing contest for preschoolers (ages 3 to 5). This contest aims to celebrate the expression of the youth who are not (or not too heavily) influenced by the media.


There is no theme, we want to let their inspiration flow and guide these children to allow them to be as creative as they want to be and let them surprise us.


Drawing allows children to explore their knowledge, their souvenirs, their dreams and to build their own creative and imaginative spirit. 


That is the reason why we’re excited to have our jury of professionals in the contemporary art world  discover those drawings.

Awards ceremony on December 111, 2023!

💡Versant Sud x 1:54 Fair
​Charlotte Yonga - Yonatan Wondwosen - Kirubel Melke
395805345_689318283158449_925219309151975184_n (1).jpg

The Versant Sud team is waiting for you on the other side of the channel, at the 1-54 Art Fair: See you in London from October 12-15!


The complementarity of colorimetric profiles in the works of Kirubel Melke, Charlotte Yonga and Yonatan Wondwossen enrich a conversation here - Kirubel Melke, the fervor of impulse and the bubbling of an incisive speech - Yonatan Wondwossen, lyrical neutrality and Charlotte Yonga, the tempered sweetness of a look anchored in accuracy.

The curatorship offers a story embroidered between these pieces, of the textile medium whose slow technique is similar to the technical choices made by Charlotte Yonga in her film practice, to cross the "gates" that Yonatan Wondwosen offers us.


Artists exhibited

Charlotte Yonga - Yonatan Wondwosen - Kirubel Melke

Luis Belhaouari
Gallifet Art Center

Versant Sud and the Hotel de Gallifet had the honor of welcoming Luis Belhaouari for his conference: the great capitals of contemporary art.

Doctor in art and archaeology, Luis Belhaouari is a referent professor at the Institute of Higher Studies of Arts – IESA – training establishment recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

A colorful character, it is with great finesse and humor that he strives to communicate his passion for Art. 

👀  End for Passages in Morocco
with Anna Rinzo and Othmane Ouallal

"Traces - Adriz - ⴰⴷⵔⵉⵣ" is a weaving made with a traditional technique and dating back to the Paleolithic age.

During this Passages residency, Othmane Ouallal delves into his archives and extracts a rock engraving from the site of Aït Ouazik. Together, the artists choose a fragment. The selected drawing will be deliberately non-figurative. Its abstraction, like a question mark, allows artists to immediately ask the question of its origin.

Anna Rinzo is interested in cellular memory and epigenetics. She uses hand weaving and learning traditional technique as a tool for genomic storytelling.

Anna Rinzo and Othmane Ouallal met the “gifted Moms” of the Dar Bellarj foundation in Marrakech, Lalla Zhara Belbyad and Lalla Khadija Karbah, in order to learn the technique of Zarbia (knotted stitches, ugda; canvas stitch, jeraï) ​​which will thus integrate the final weave.

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