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Leonard Rachelx

Textile sculpture: cotton fibres, polyester and audio cassette tapes.
1.50 x 2 meters

Léonard Rachex, winner of the Passages residency is a visual artist. His artistic approach tries to complicate the figure of the artist and the notion of author.

In Cotonou, he benefited from the technical support of Le Centre, in order to create a textile work which would aim to "cover".


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Production residency

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4 weeks

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AAF Presentation



The center

Camouflag is a textile work measuring 1m50 by 2m, which has the function of covering another. A work that we assume more, that makes us ashamed, that bothers us, that we simply don't want to see anymore. A kind of very conspicuous camouflage (hyper flag!) which would subtly ask us if there are not works that should be covered. What are your red flags in art?

Camouflag may be a failed camouflage. An absurd camouflage. A camouflage named with a hot potato in the mouth, "a camouflag", something that can stick in the throat.

Camouflag is perhaps also a daring attempt, a strategic protocol so that my work can be found above other works and soon everywhere. Camouflag is perhaps a continuation of my Adrian Cadet project. To explore the figure of the artist, I divide my practice into several fictitious dualities: There is mine (Léonard Rachex), that of my artist alter ego (Adrian Cadet), and finally a more entrepreneurial one (©Léon'art) .

Camouflag is perhaps the dream of any careerist artist...

Ethical, poetic or egotrip research, we don't really know with Camouflag.

Are we facing one artistic piece or three? The woven painting, the work that covers it, and the marriage of the two which then creates a third piece?

In any case, Camouflag is an artistic project that has a function: to cover. It is almost an everyday object.

After all, Camouflag may be an artistic work that would like to be a consumer product.

Camouflag is certainly a reflection on the making of a work.

The artist is called within the framework of this residence, to collaborate with an art profession to lead to the creation of a common work. For this, the Center called on Fiaccre Accalogoun, a weaver from Abomey.

The project was supervised by the textile expertise of Adonon Constant.

Screen Shot 2022-12-03 at 20.28.03
Screen Shot 2022-11-03 at 11.37.55
Screen Shot 2022-11-03 at 11.41.49
“The function of the fabric will be to hide another work that we no longer assume, of which we would be ashamed, or that we would simply have seen too much. Aimed at anyone in possession of a work (collectors, artists, museums, etc.), this project comes with a lot of humor to question what makes the work »
© Making of: Daniblue, Cortex Asquith S.
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The center

A place of contemporary creation and dialogue, Le Center opened its doors in 2015 in the Lobozounkpa district of Abomey-Calavi. A hybrid artistic space with a museum, a library, residences, creative workshops, exhibition halls and a café, this place is a space for exchanges and sharing.

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